Composition and Specifications


As with the previous series, the Indian Princess Gold Dollars were struck in a composition of 90% gold and 10% copper. The diameter was 15 mm, and the standard weight was 1.672 grams (25.8 grains). All coins have a reeded edge. Those struck at the Philadelphia Mint carry no mintmark, while the mintmarks for the Charlotte, Dahlonega, New Orleans and San Francisco Mints can be found on the reverse, below the wreath.

In general, the issues of the issues of the series struck at the Philadelphia and San Francisco Mints have the highest production quality, although weak strikes still sometimes occurred. The issues produced at the Charlotte and Dahlonega Mints are generally weakly struck, sometimes with planchet problems, and may lack eye appeal. The quality from the New Orleans Mint depends on the issue. Many coins are prone to have been dipped or cleaned, and original, problem-free coins are very scarce to rare for most of the early dates. Proofs often display hairlines which limits the grade.

Type collectors will often be satisfied with a single example of a later date of the series. Some of these have survived in extremely high grade, including some pieces certified as MS-68 or MS-69. A relatively high proportion of the coins struck in the 1880s have survived, and mintage usually is not a direct indication of rarity.


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